General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emme Rylan Sets Record Straight On GH Return

General Hospital fans have been mourning Emme Rylan’s exit from GH just as much as her TV mother Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) has been mourning her daughter’s presence.

When General Hospital news reports confirmed that Rylan would be heading OUT at GH, fans rallied for her return. Thankfully, her character Lulu Spencer Falconeri is in a coma with an open door to return.

Previously, General Hospital news and spoilers revealed Rylan and her family were headed back to livin in California after what was meant to be a year long cross country trip for cut short. Fans immediately began the General Hospital rumors, making claims that she would soon be retuning to the daytime drama.

However, breaking GH comings and goings news related to Emma’s return has made things crystal clear.

In a recent Instagram post of Emme Rylan’s, a fan asked about her return. “Hoping one say the news of your return is true,” stated a fan. Another wrote, “So I saw an article that you and GH executives are in talks. Hopefully it’s true.” Rylan then replied, “It’s a rumor. I have not been contacted by GH.”

Sadly for now, Emme Rylan is not expected to return to GH any time soon, and her character won’t be waking up on the very near future. That doesn’t mean she’ll never return. But the timing is not now, and any GH rumors heard about her returning have not been proven to be false.

We will keep you all up to date on Emme Rylan’s status with GH as news comes in.

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