General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH Welcomes Evan Hofer As New “Jason”

What would Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) be without his right-hand-man? I for turbot he and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) have had to learn how to live without one another a time or two, and it’s never been easy.

Steve Burton left the role of Jason Morgan in late 2021 under unfortunate circumstances. Since Jason’s “death” Sonny hasn’t been quite himself and he’s more vulnerable to slip up in regard to the business.

General Hospital news reports confirm the latest GH comings and goings brings about a new role. Evan Hofer Will join the cast of General Hospital as “Dex.” General Hospital spoilers reveal Dex will arrive in Port Charles seeking employment. GH rumors suggest he will approach none other than Sonny Corinthos for a potential job position.

Sonny has been without a right-hand-man for a while now and it shows. It’s uncertain why type of work Dex will be looking to find, but GH rumors hint he will want to join forces with Sonny in the mob.

No one can replace Jason Morgan and we found out the hard way when Billy Miller was meant to take over the role, but then the storyline was written so that Miller was not actually THE Jason, but Jason’s brother Drew Cain. Evan Hofer’s role as Dex may not be Jason exactly, but GH rumors hint that he may become a similar character.

Evan Hofer has a long list of acting credits and his imbd profile can be viewed by clicking HERE.