General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Admits His Time As An Actor Is Closing In

General Hospital star and all around daytime tv icon, Maurice Benard has made a household name for himself since he began his career in 1987.

General Hospital wasn’t always his home away from home. He started out as Nico on ABC’s All My Children.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Benard has recently addressed a sensitive topic with fans in his LIVE stream of the YouTube series, State of Mind. In the live video, Benard disclosed some of his internet thoughts on acting and retirement. Benard explained, Acting isn’t what it was when I was young,” Maurice started. “Sometimes it’s difficult and it hits me in places to act that I don’t like. But right now, I’m really happy on GH.”

Maurice Benard brought up a topic his fans have been dreading. The idea of Maurice Benard retiring and leaving the legendary role of Sonny Corinthos behind, leaves fans unsettled and sad. Regarding the topic of an upcoming GH exit, Benard stated the following, “If I ever left [GH], I would want to bring this State of Mind a place where I could make a good enough living to just do this,” he expressed. “I think there’s less pressure here for me, and I can still work with mental health.”

General Hospital rumors began with claims of the iconic actor quitting acting altogether, right here and now. Although that isn’t the case, fans of Benard aren’t too happy about what they’ve heard straight from Maurice himself. As if those words weren’t discounting enough for hopeful fans, Benard laid down a devastating truth about his future as an actor. “But acting… I don’t know when, but soon enough I’ll be done with it,” he admitted. “Sorry. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.” Those words have had an impact on the hearts of his fans. It’s so I operant for Maurice to be able to take care of himself. Although fans are bummed they could be losing GH’s lead actor, it’s understandable that he’d want to focus on mental health awareness with his YouTube series, State of Mind.

We sure hope Maurice decided to take his time when it comes to retiring, and we wish him all the best in whichever path he happens to choose.

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