General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Jophielle Love Heads Cross Country, Confirms Status As Violet Finn

The cast and crew of General Hospital, have busy dining schedules, early call times, and of course, families and lives of their own. Outside of the studio, many of them have side projects; whether film related or not.

General Hospital news reports reveal Jophielle’s family hits the road again, cross country. In an Instagram post shared to Jophielle’s IG account, her family reveals they will be setting out on another family cross country trip. The caption includes, “Bus to Boat • On the road again… from Bus-life to Boat-life as family ! L.A. to New Orleans!…”

This news brought concern of Jophielle’s status with GH in to question. General Hospital spoilers reveal the actress addresses the concerned fans questions on the comments below her IG post.

General Hospital news reports confirmed that Jophielle has stated she isn’t doing anywhere (in terms of leaving General Hospital). She assures fans “not to be worried,” and followed her GH status confirmation with, “I am still going to be on GH 😘.”

Thankfully, GH comings and goings news confirms we still get to enjoy the lovely talent and adorableness of Jophielle as Violet Finn. 😊

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