General Hospital News: Big Changes Ahead For William deVry; deVry Leaves LA, Moves To Canada

William deVry has played General Hospital’s Julian Jerome for seven years. Recently his role and home away from home came to a sudden end after GH announced the exit of deVry as Julian Jerome.

In a previous statement on social media, General Hospital spoilers revealed the character of Julian would be killed off without any way of resurrecting the character in the future. The decision to kill Julian has been rumored to be the result of deVry’s statement, claiming that if he was let go from the soap opera, he would never return. deVry even went as far as stating that he will delete all episodes of General Hospital from his DVR after his last episode as Julian Jerome had aired.

General Hospital news reports deVry has spoken to the Toronto Sun regarding a big change for the former GH actor. Word out on the street is that deVry is leaving LA (and the US), and is moving to Canada! deVry explains how he and his wife Rebecca, have decided it makes more sense for him to move back to Canada as opposed to remain separated as Rebecca continues to work in Canada.

William deVry explains to the Toronto Sun why he is relocating to Canada. He said, “Yes, I’m leaving Los Angeles for now. Various reasons, I suppose. Before GH, I had a really good career going doing U.S. shows up in Canada. But, I was away from home for 9 months out of the year while Rebecca stayed home. Now Rebecca is away for 9 months out of the year working on her shows in Canada! We have five dogs and we just felt it was too much of a disruption in our lives to keep the house while working all over the continent and never being home. We just felt the time was right to be together and move to Canada.