General Hospital News: BREAKING! William deVry Stands Firm, Makes It Clear He Will Not Return If He Leaves

The General Hospital rumors surrounding the exit of William deVry have not died down. The soap opera world is in a frenzy after learning that two fan favorites have been said to be let go from General Hospital.

General Hospital rumors claim William deVry and Emme Rylan have been let go from their roles as Julian Jerome and Lulu Spencer Falconeri. Last week, Rylan went on record informing GH fans that she is not able to discuss the current GH rumors, but she did lead into explaining that her landlord has sold her family’s home, and that she and her family will be talking time to pack up and hit the road, out of state. William deVry posted subtle hints around the rumors, however, General Hospital news reports new developments.

In a recent tweet, deVry went on record when replying to a fan about his current situation with the daytime drama. He writes, “If I go I go. No return. That’s a promise… love the fans.” He makes it quite clear that if he leaves his role as Julian on GH, he will not return to the show as many actors do. After all, no one is ever really dead in the soap opera world.

The key here though is the word, “If.” DeVry did not confirm that he is in fact leaving General Hospital, just that if he did, he would not return.

In another tweet from deVry, it looks as though he has hinted that the General Hospital rumors are true as he captions a photo with, “New beginnings breed nervous enthusiasm.” Although it’s not quite clear, GH fans believe this is yet another hint which refers to the current situation.

Has William deVry really been let go from GH? The GH news is still up in the air, but he makes it quite clear that if that’s the route the show takes, that’s it, he’s done.

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