General Hospital News: Congratulations To GH’s Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma has some big shoes to fill when he took in the role as a recast for Nikolas Cassadine. His predecessor, Tyler Christopher played the role of The Dark Prince, Nikolas Cassadine. Christopher originally auditioned for the role of Stone Cates, but Michael Sutton was cast. Christopher played Nikolas Cassadine on and off from 1992-2017.

Today, General Hospital’s new Nikolas, Marcus Coloma, celebrates his one year anniversary taking on the iconic role. Coloma has taken this role and made it his own while still staying true to the character’s Cassadine roots. Nikolas doesn’t let anyone push him around, and Coloma’s portrayal of that trait has stayed true.

We would like to say congratulations to Marcus on his one year anniversary with General Hospital! Keep up the amazing work!

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