General Hospital News: Former GH Child Star Needs Prayers

Former General Hospital child star, TK Weaver, played Danny Morgan from 2016-2019.

General Hospital news reports, that the ex-Danny Morgan has an IG account which is ran by a guardian. His guardian has shared a photo and message on Weaver’s behalf regarding a recent incident.

General Hospital spoilers reveal TK Weaver has been injured in a bike accident and spent the day in a children’s hospital. In the IG post below, Weaver’s guardian asked for thoughts about prayers for TK to be sent his way.

The caption reads, “Hi all. TK spent the day at CHOC. It’s a children’s hospital. He hurt himself today being a kid. Bike accident. He doesn’t want us to post any pictures of his injured face but he asked that we post this recent picture before the accident and ask for healing prayers. He has been through a lot. He had surgery and got some stitches. He has been really tough. He has appointments set up Monday with a Dentist and follow-up Tuesday with a surgeon. He’ll be okay but it might take quite a while to heal. Please send good thoughts and prayers. He said he needs them and really appreciates it. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻 ❤️.”

We wish TK all the best well wishes and healing prayers. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery.

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