General Hospital News: GH’s Briana Nicole Henry Replaced By Tiffany Daniels As Jordan Ashford

General Hospital fans got quite a shock on today’s episode of when a new face stepped into the role of Jordan Ashford.

General Hospital news reports GH actress Briana Nicole Henry has been temporarily replaced by actress Tiffany Daniels. The recast is likely linked to previous GH news relating to Briana testing positive for Covid. Back in early December, GH Blog reported that Briana and husband, Kris Bowers had both contracted Covid-19.

Briana’s replacement, Tiffany Daniels has appeared on and not limited to, Disney’s Shake It Up, ABC’s The Goldberg’s, The Good Doctor, CBS’ NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, along with many other credentials.

General Hospital comings and goings news reveals that this recast is temporary. However, there is nota confirmed date as to when Briana will return to her role as Jordan.

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