General Hospital News: GH’s Emme Rylan Confirms; Next Stop Los Angeles!

It was yet another reason why 2020 was a terrible year. On top of everything going on in our world, a General Hospital fan-favorite was (temporarily) let go from the daytime drama. Emme Rylan’s exit from GH as the iconic role of Lulu Spencer Falconeri, shocked not only fans and co-stars, but Emme herself.

General Hospital news reports confirmed the actress’ exit after Rylan took to social media to confirm that she and her family would be going on a year long road trip. Emme and her family packed up after their landlord informed them the house they were living in was sold, and they had to get out.

General Hospital spoilers suggested that Emme would have the opportunity to return if and when the writers decide to have Lulu wake up from her coma. General Hospital rumors suggested the role could be recast, but there has not been any news confirming this rumor.

Fast forward to February 3rd, Rylan shared a photo of her children in the car as they headed to Ohio as another leg of their road trip. In the comments, a fan asked if Emme would return to General Hospital. Emme replied in an IG comment stating, “If they ask me back ❤️.” Emme then cleared the air for another fan when replying, “Yep! I lost my job and our landlord sold the house we were living in! In the same week! Now we are making the best out of a tough situation and visiting family that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

General Hospital news reports reveal Emme Rylan has made an announcement regarding her next stop on their road trip. In an Instagram post dated February 19th, Rylan revealed that they are headed back to Los Angeles, and will be there in a week. Although GH rumors are flying, making claims of Emme’s return to GH as Lulu, Rylan has not yet confirmed her reason for returning to LA. In the comments under Rylan’s post, fans are asking if she has gotten a callback from General Hospital regarding her return. Rylan has not yet replied.

Is it time for Lulu to wake up from her coma? Rylan’s road trip with her family was initially intended to last a year. However, it’s entirely possible that Rylan got called back to GH sooner than she thought.

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