General Hospital News: GH’s Erik Olson Recovers From ‘Big’ Surgery

It’s never our pleasure to inform General Hospital fans of any type of negative news regarding the cast and crew at GH. It’s especially unpleasant when the news involves a child.

General Hospital news reports reveal that GH child actor, Erik Olson, one of the twins who have been playing, Wiley Corinthos, underwent a big surgery and is now recovering.

The news was shared on an official account for both, Theo and Erik Olson. The account, which is managed by their mom, is there she shares the details of the situation.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, little Erik is out of surgery and was able to return home. Erik’s mom explains he has a long road of receiver ahead of him. On a positive note, she mentions the view from Erik’s hospital room has a direct view of Prospect Studios, where Erik and his twin brother, Theo, work on the set of GH as Wiley Corinthos.

Take a look at the Instagram post below as Erik’s mom lets fans in on more details of before and after the surgery. Check out their IG stories to catch up.

General Hospital Blog sends our prayers to Erik and his family for a speedy and full recovery.

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