General Hospital News: GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn Tells Fans, “GET OFF MY PAGE;” Is Nancy Polarizing The GH Fanbase?

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn, has never been one to keep her opinions to herself- and she does not have to. Grahn has every freedom is the great USA to speak her mind, publicly. However, the rest us us also have that right. If Nancy is free to use her voice, it’s safe and fair to say that so is everyone else, I mean, right?!
As race relations heat up in our nation this Summer, some of us may get caught up in this polarizing situation. General Hospital news reveals GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn, who portrays Alexis Davis, is using social media to not only voice her opinions on current events which are political and racial in content, but to also shun others who do not share in her opinions.
In a recent tweet from Grahn, you can read what she typed to her followers, and most likely former followers and/or fans. Nancy uses name calling by tweeting that some of her fans who happen to like a show she is on are [bigot or racist. And just because she is in a show they like, that doesn’t mean she is connected with her fans].

This outburst isn’t the first during quarantine, and comes after she and co-star, Ingo Rademacher (Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks), has it out on Twitter over politics, resulting is Nancy blocking Ingo from the social media outlet. You can check out that story, HERE.

Nancy seems to be participating in a great divide, polarizing not only the General Hospital fanbase who differ in political views, but aiding in the polarization of the people of our nation as a whole.

General Hospital Blog wants to spread positivity. We encourage all opinions to be shared without the need to suppress others just because they don’t share your own.

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