General Hospital News: GH’s Tajh Bellow Asks For Prayers And Healing Vibes For His Mom

The cast and crew of GH seems to be like one big happy family for the most part. This includes fans. The audience is not only captivated by the entertainment value and talent which comes from the actors, crew, and TPTB, but also by their real, everyday lives.

General Hospital news reports, GH’s Tajh Bellow, who plays, TJ Ashford, has taken to Instagram to ask for prayers and healing vibes.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tajh’s mom had an emergency appendectomy, and is in need of prayers.

In the IG video below, Tajh explains that his mom is having medical complications after the surgery, and is asking for good thoughts, vibes, prayers, and whatever people are willing as a way to help heal his mom.

General Hospital Blog would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Tajh, his mom, and the rest of his family and loved ones, during this stressful and uncertain time. Our prayers are with you.

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