General Hospital News: Ingo Rademacher And Nancy Lee Grahn Go To War On Twitter

It seems that the last few years more than ever, politics are able to fuel a flame between those who disagree on view points more than ever. In the age of social media, it’s easier to cut someone off whom with you don’t see eye to eye. However, there is a fine line between having had it with toxicity, and casually blocking someone whom with you have had a friendship/rapport.

Nancy Lee Grahn has never been shy about expressing her beliefs on politics on social media, and that is all fine and well. However, the issue with Nancy lies with her intolerance to other opinions. General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher, who plays Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks, and Nancy Lee Grahn who has played side by side as a best friend and brief romantic interest of Jax, Alexis Davis.

General Hospital news reports a present fued between GH co-stars, Ingo Rademacher and Nancy Lee Grahn. All we can say to Ingo is, join the club! General Hospital Blog has also been blocked by Nancy on Twitter. Nancy and Ingo argued over politics, which then led to Nancy actually blocking her friend and co-star over the disagreement. Ingo called Nancy out by calling her a “true liberal” in his Twitter caption which displayed a screen shot of the actress’ account that blocked him.

It would be expected after this public argument that there may be some tension on the set of General Hospital. General Hospital spoilers have not indicated any upcoming scenes shared by Nancy and Ingo, however, their two characters have quite a strong relationship and bond that has developed over the years. General Hospital rumors hint that it may be difficult as tension thickens between these two to have scenes together, but hopefully they can both present themselves as professionals and push on through.

What do you think will happen next between Ingo and Nancy? Will it be public, or will they try to resolve this privately?

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