General Hospital News: Kelly Monaco Back On Set Of GH, Debut Air Date Revealed

Previously General Hospital Blog reported the GH news regarding the status of Kelly Monaco’s temporary replacement. GH news confirmed Lindsay Hartley is done taping on the set of General Hospital as her run as Sam McCall has come to an end.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Kelly Monaco is back taping at Prospect Studios and will resume her role as Sam McCall, alongside Daytime’s finest, Steve Burton, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, and more.

Kelly will debut as Sam for the first time since quarantine on Tuesday, August 18th.

Jason and Sam have had their ups and downs and currently going through major crises. For starters, Sam and Jason has been ordered to stay apart due to Sam’s parole, but she recently made a deal with the devil, aka, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), in order to be able to be free to be with Jason when she thought he could be dying. Furthermore, this couple is now facing family troubles as Sam’s decision will adversely affect Jason’s family, the Quartermaines. To top it all off, Jason is dealing with the newest Poet Charles bad guy, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Renault is the one who put a hit out on Jason and now once he finds out his mission was incomplete, anything goes in regard to how Cyrus will react to the bad news.

Kelly Monaco has her work cut out for her as Sam is front and center. Kelly Monaco always knows how to bring it and we appreciate her hard work and dedication.

Welcome back, Kelly! We are so excited to see you on screen.

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