General Hospital News: Kelly Thiebaud Opens Up On Podcast ‘That’s Awesome!’ Reveals She Worried She’d Be Forgotten

General Hospital fans were super excited after learning Kelly Thiebaud would be returning to the set of General Hospital, to reprise her role as Dr. Britt Westbourne. Britt briefly graced Port Charles with her presence last Winter, and exited around January/February.

General Hospital news reported on Thiebaud’s exit and confirmed the door would be left open for her character to return. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and plans turned into chaos. Fast forward a few long months, and General Hospital spoilers revealed Kelly would be returning to her role as Britt.

General Hospital news reports Kelly sat down for an interview with GH co-stars Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton on their podcast, That’s Awesome! In the interview, Kelly disclosed her thoughts on being asked to return. “I was last on GH in the end of January, beginning of February,” she recalled. “And they kind of left it to where I would recur and I was super-excited about that. But obviously that didn’t happen and then corona hit so I was like, ‘Well, I’m never coming back. They’re never going to remember me’”

Kelly went on to disclose how she received a “random text” from GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, asking her to call him. She said, “I got this random text from Frank out of the blue,” Kelly continued by explaining, “In a spot that I happened to have service because I was out in the wilderness. And he was like, ‘Call me.’ “And so I called him,” Thiebaud admitted. “I’ve had reservations about coming back full-time for a while and he’s been aware of that. We had a conversation and he was like, ‘Would you consider coming back for this amount of time?’ And I was like, ‘Well, okay, let’s talk about this.’ I think it just ended up being the right moment and it was perfect.”

In the interview with Steve and Bradford, Kelly revealed her thoughts on where she’s like to see her character Britt, as it’s much different than what Britt has been known for. She goes on to talk about how Britt has always been such a big personality and she’s like to see her go through something that would ground her, something real and heart wrenching.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Thiebaud gets even deeper by disclosing some hints of what’s to come, but without telling too much.  “She’s been such a big kind of personality on the show,” Thiebaud said. “I would love to ground her a little bit and have her go through something that’s real and heartwrenching and relatable.” Kelly then quickly mentioned, “But I did just get some news from Frank that the writers wanted me to know that I’m not going to say now, but it does add an element to her that I hope they’ll do a good job playing it out.”

General Hospital news and spoilers suggest Britt Westbourne could be headed in a whole new direction. Whatever that may be, we are happy Kelly has returned to reprise the role.

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