General Hospital News: Paula Benard Shares Heartfelt Birthday Messages From Friends To Husband, Maurice

It’s a very special day for al of those who love General Hospital star, Maurice Benard. Maurice is a hard working, family man, who brings joy, laughter, and light to those around him. He’s best known for playing the lovable, family man, mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, on ABC’s General Hospital, but also for being an amazing mental health advocate, his State of Mind informational and inspirational videos, his family of goats, his monkey friend, and so much more!

General Hospital news and spoilers share a heartfelt message from Maurice’s wife, Paula, for his birthday. She shared a video on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Birthday Honey • Here are just a few of your amazing friends showing their love. You are a lucky man. From your loving with Paula and your Incredible Family ❤️.”

The 19 min and 54 second video features some of Maurice’s best friends and many familiar faces past and present, honoring their friend on his birthday. 🎂

Happy Birthday, 🎂 🥳 Maurice Benard from your friends and fans at General Hospital Blog!

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