General Hospital News: Wes Ramsey Confirms GH Status As Peter August, Here’s What You Need To Know

General Hospital star, Wes Ramsey, has taken to social media to clear the air from an Instagram post yesterday. Yesterday’s IG post shared by Ramsey sent fans j to a confused frenzy, as his IG caption sounded a lot like a goodbye.

General Hospital news reports that actor Wes Ramsey has confirmed that his character, Peter August, isn’t being killed and he isn’t going anywhere!

Although it seems like Peter’s says are numbered as General Hospital spoilers hint toward the upcoming revelation of Peter’s dark side, Ramsey has made it clear that he isn’t leaving General Hospital.

According to Ramsey’s social media clarification, his statement explains, “Based on a tidal wave of comments, I must now preface — this is not a farewell post,” Ramsey added at the top of his original statement. “Just had a great week at ‘the office,’ so thank you for all the kind and supportive words. GH has the best fans on the planet.”

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