General Hospital Rumor Report: There’s A Lot To Say About Telling The Truth, Finn’s Confession Drives Gregory To Anna?!

Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) has prided himself on telling the truth and raising his boys to do the same. However, like Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Finn’s (Michael Easton) discussion about truth, sometimes the more loving option is to stay quiet, even if it’s considered to be a lie.

What happens in the dark always comes to light, and General Hospital spoilers reveal Finn and Jackie’s secret won’t be kept from Gregory for long…

Anna brought up the possibility of Chase (Josh Swickard) actually being Finn’s son as opposed to Gregory’s. General Hospital rumors claim Anna is right, despite what Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney) told Finn. She arrived him that Chase was Gregory’s son.

General Hospital rumors fly high surrounding what will happen when Gregory finds out Finn and Jackie slept together the night before his and Jackie’s wedding. That tidbit, along with the possibility of Finn being Chase’s father, is grounds for Gregory to act out in fury.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested Anna and Finn won’t make it down the aisle for other reasons than Finn and Jackie’s secret. With that on the table, General Hospital rumors make way for a new twist in the story. GH rumors claim Gregory will be driven toward Anna, his son’s fiancé, as revenge for Finn sleeping with Jackie some many years ago. If not for revenge, General Hospital rumors also claim that Gregory and Anna may just naturally gravitate toward one another while bonding over everything that will be exposed about the past.

Can you see Anna and Gregory as a new romantic couple?

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