General Hospital Spoilers: Adam Huss’ Instagram Conspiracy; GH Fans Taken By Surprise By ‘Nikolas Cassadine’ Recast

Nikolas Cassadine recast

The role of Nikolas Cassadine Recast! It isn’t uncommon for the actors of soap opera character roles to come and go. Most are in it for the long haul while others for a short time. And some just take brief breaks for one reason or another.

General Hospital news and spoilers reports reveal General Hospital star Marcus Coloma  has dipped out and the role of Nikolas Cassadine has been recast.

According to recent General Hospital comings and goings news confirms actor Adam Huss has stepped into Coloma’s shoes while he’s away. General Hospital spoilers indicate the change in casting is only temporary, however, the reason remains unknown.

The recent Nikolas Cassadine recast Adam Huss, took over as The Dark Prince briefly in September of 2021. GH fans recognized the familiar face as he once again fills in for Coloma.

Eagle eyed fans noticed a change ib a recent Instagram caption shared by General Hospital spoilers Adam Huss took to Instagram to share a headshot photo that now reads, “#actorslife photo cred @lordylorch” in the caption.

Adam Huss’ Instagram Conspiracy, Nikolas Recast

GH rumors claim there has been a conspiracy involving actor Adam Huss’ recent IG post. GH speculations claim the actor possibly let the cat out of the bag prematurely. As a result, his IG caption has been exited.

GH spoilers and rumors suggest Adam edited his caption after divulging too much information. According to Soaps.sheknows.com, Huss’ original caption read, ”Back at it…#actorslife.” That caption now simply says the latter along with a photo cred shout out. The post was shared hours before Monday’s episode of General Hospital aired.

Did Adam say too much too soon and end up changing his original caption? Some fans think so. Pointing out the fact that Marcus Coloma made no mention of the recast, fans began to speculate. Perhaps Huss wasn’t at liberty to say, therefore, possibly having to correct his overshare.

We will keep GH fans up to date on details of Coloma’s return as Nikolas.

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