General Hospital Spoilers: One Couple Decides to Get Married

This week on General Hospital is going to be insane! Starting with today’s LIVE episode, GH is about to blow your mind. Lives are threatened by danger, love is in the air, truths are about to be revealed, and desperate measures must be taken to ensure a baby’s safety.
One particular GH spoiler that hit social media is that one couple makes the decision to tie the knot. As GH spoilers reveal that Michael Corinthos Quartermaine (Chad Duell) and Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) are about to heat things up, fans can’t help but come to the theory that perhaps Michael and Sabrina will get married. This week on General Hospital, Michael and Sabrina discuss where their business relationship/friendship is actually going. Is there something more than just business? We have reason to believe that Sabrina and Michael care for each other as more than just friends. She has been there by his side during the drama with baby Avery, and the public humiliation he endured as a result of his ex girlfriend Kiki Jerome, and his own brother Morgan, setting him up.
There are so many possibilities as to who will become Port Charles’ newlyweds. Do you have any theories how how this GH spoiler will unfold? Will Patrick and Sam tie the knot before she finds out that Jake is Jason? Will Liz and Jake elope so Liz can trap her man? Let us know what you think, who could possibility want to get married at this point in time? Leave your comments below.