General Hospital Spoilers: Finn’s Step Mom Is A Sore Subject, He’s Trying Hard To Keep Her Away

Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) are moving forward with their marriage plans even after their breakup. The couple were at odds after Anna and Finn disagreed about her son, Peter. Finn isn’t fond of Peter and rightfully so. Anna is blinded by love for her son, who may not even truly be her son. Peter’s father is Cesar Faison, and after learning about her twin sister Alex Marick, it was brought to light that Peter was actually Anna’s. But, GH rumors claim Peter is not Anna’s son.

Now that Finn and Anna have overcome their disagreement about Peter, they have kicked their wedding planning into high gear. As they go through the potential guest list, Anna doesn’t understand why Finn won’t invite his own father to the wedding. Finn admitted it was because of his step mom. It seems that Finn is dead set on not having is dad at the wedding due to the fact that he would have to invite his new wife along with him. Finn as a little rattled and didn’t want to discuss in detail the real reasons he doesn’t want his step mom at the wedding. Could Finn he hiding her for a reason?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate there is more to the story than what Finn is disclosing to Anna when it comes to his step mom. Who is she? GH rumors claim Finn’s new step mom may have history with with one or some of the residents in Port Charles and Finn is trying to avoid the situation entirely.

GH rumors claim the Identity of Finn’s step mom will cause a stir once exposed to the people of Port Charles. Who could she be?

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