General Hospital Spoilers: GH To Air Special Election Day Episode

It comes around every four years, and on this 2020 election year, the big day is right around the corner.

General Hospital news reports, on Monday, November 2nd, General Hospital will air an all-female cast, special Election Day themed episode.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the Eloise will take place after the 19th Amendment was passed, allowing women to vote. The episode takes place the year following the passage of the 19th Amendment on in 1919. GH stars, Eden McCoy and Sydney Makayla will be the front runners in this special episode, honoring woman’s suffrage. The main focus will be the Presidential Election of 1920.

General Hospital news reports, the all-female cast also has significant female impact, as a female director, and two female writers contributed along with other, male, writers on the General Hospital team.

Along with Eden and Sydney, catch Laura Wright, Brooke Kerr, Rebecca Herbst, Finola Hughes, and more of your favorite GH ladies!

Help GH celebrate 100 years honoring women’s right to vote!

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