General Hospital Spoilers: Who is Hayden Barnes, REALLY?

HaydenWhoHayden has proved time and time again that she cannot be trusted. She entered Port Charles under a false identity, trying to con Jake into believing she was his wife, as she was hired to do by Ric Lansing. Hayden has been playing Nikolas almost as long as he has been playing her, and now we know she is working with Tracy to take him down. But are her feelings for Nikolas starting to grow true?

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Tracy reminded Hayden that she knows exactly who she is. So… the question on all of our minds is, “Who IS Hayden Barnes, REALLY?” Was Tracy speaking rhetorically, as in she knows Hayden is a liar and a con artist? Or could it be something more? Does Hayden have a different identity altogether?

Watch GH to find out!