General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Has a Flashback About Jake

HaydenBarnesNikolas (Tyler Christopher) has been behaving like a true Cassadine as of late, and among all the despicable things he has done recently, having Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) shot in hope to keep her quiet about Jake’s (Billy Miller) identity has got to be the worst. Nik went to extreme measures to keep Hayden from disclosing the truth about Jake Doe. Hayden was about to tell Jake that he is actually Jason Morgan, when a bullet came flying her way. causing her to go into a coma.

Now that Hayden is awake, she definitely poses a threat to exposing Nikolas, so he has to keep her under wraps. Lucky for Nikolas, Hayden is currently suffering from amnesia, and doesn’t remember what her life in Port Charles was like before she was shot. She has had a flashback of Nik’s broken vase, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will start to remember more and more.

Hayden will have a memory that involves Jake. Will Hayden remember that Jake is Jason Morgan? Hopefully she will be able to put the pieces together, and realize that Nikolas is still trying to hold onto his and Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) secret about Jason.