General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Sam Reconnect, Will Jason Remember His Life with Sam?

JaSamnewyearSome may say it’s a Christmas miracle, some may say it’s the perfect time for the new year and a new beginning, but we can safely say that the JaSam fan base will be more than happy with what will come out of today’s episode of General Hospital.

According to his post on social media, ABC  Exec Nathan Varni, alludes to fans that Jason and Sam reconnect by writing, “The boy with no past, and the girl with no future” reconnect in a familiar location.

Now that Sam’s iconic star necklace has resurfaced thanks to Kristina, it may be the key to triggering Jason’s love for Sam and remembering their life together.

Fate brings Jason and Sam together for New Years Eve which could be the start of something beautiful for one of Daytime’s most loved super couples.

Watch today’s GH to find out where these two will reconnect and what this will mean for the future of Jason and Sam.