General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan’s Confession To Carly Could Turn Sonny’s World Upside Down

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) have always been each other’s back bone, rock, the one that holds the other down, and all around best friend for life. There is so much love between these two besties, they would literally die for each other.

Although Carly and Jason slept together once in 1996, three relationship has remained completely platonic throughout the years, both being entirely loyal to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Carly and Jason are doing everything they can to find Sonny and bring him home after he went missing after falling into a New Jersey river. Carly is ready for a fight and can’t sit back and let Jason risk his life while she anxiously awaits Sonny’s return. She may have already lost Sonny, and can’t even wrap her head around the reality of the possibility that she could lose Jason too. The feeling is totally mutual.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason’s confession to Carly could bring some major changes into their lives. Last week, General Hospital Blog reported that Maurice Benard hinted that his character Sonny, should be keeping an eye on Jason and Carly. Although it was a joke, General Hospital rumors claim there just might be something to Benard’s IG post regarding Jason and Carly. Carly made it clear to Jason that she will always come to save him, no matter what. Abs Jason made it clear to Carly that he couldn’t survive losing her.

Jason and Carly’s first priority is to bring Sonny home. But Will Sonny return to his world turned upside down?

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