General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Recognizes Kendra

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is trying to get her health and wellness on the straight and narrow. Kendra Lennon (Michelle Argyris) walked into Alexis’ life and is now “coaching” Alexis on health and wellness- or so Alexis thinks.

Kendra Lennon happens to be the sister of Kristina Davis’ (Lexi Ainsworth) ex-boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer (Christian Alexander). Take a quick jog down memory lane and recall just exactly how all that ended. Alexis ended up running Kiefer over with her car, killing her daughter’s abusive boyfriend. Now, his sister is in Port Charles and is ready for revenge. Kendra Lennon has gotten close enough to Alexis to gain her trust and Alexis really looks to Kendra for the advice and guidance for her health and well being. All the while, Kendra is drugging Alexis with the very things she claims will improve her health. Alexis is being drugged for revenge and she has no clue why her health has been declining.

General Hospital spoilers have insinuated upcoming drama for Alexis, Kendra, and Kristina. According to General Hospital Spoilers, Kristina will soon remember exactly why Kendra looks familiar. What we don’t know, is how Kristina will put two and two together.

Things are starting to look pretty grim for Alexis and someone better act fast on exposing Kendra. How will Kristina figure her out? And will she do it in time to save her Mother?