General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Is Heartbroken, Will Nathan Return Just In Time? Ryan Paevey Open To Return To GH

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) was able to win the heart of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) after they became close while Maxie was grieving the loss of her love, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). The two started out as friends, and their friendship ultimately grew into a mutual attraction for one another, resulting in a serious relationship. Although Peter has slipped up quite a few times around Maxie as he acts stressed out, aloof, and flustered due to his paranoia of being found out. Peter is a shady man and has done many evil things to some of the people Maxie loves. He won’t be able to deceive Maxie forever. Sooner than later she will find out all of the things he has done to get what he wants and to cover his tracks in the process. The people he has hurt, the collateral damage, and so on. General Hospital spoilers hint that Maxie will soon find out everything. She will be devastated, feel betrayed and angry and left with a broken heart.

Maxie Jones and Detective Nathan West were very much in love at the time of Detective West’s untimely death. Maxie was pregnant with their son, James Malcom West when Nathan passed away. Unlike many soap opera “deaths” Nathan’s passing was a sure thing. He was killed on screen and even shown in the casket at his funeral. Normally it’s pretty easy to bring soap opera characters back from the “dead” due the notorious “we can’t find a body” scenarios. However, that wasn’t the case when Nathan was killed by Faison (Anders Hove).

Where there’s a will there’s a way and if TPTB really want to being back Paevey’s character (Detective West) they will figure out a way to do it. In a recent tweet, Paevey replied to a fan that was having a twitter discussion about bringing Nathan back to Port Charles. Paevey replied and stated, “My team and I and the GH powers that be would have to have a serious sit down about that…but for now, let’s chalk them up to fond memories.”

As Maxie is left broken hearted, GH fans are hopeful that somehow Nathan can come back just at the right time to mend her broken heart. Judging from Paevey’s twitter reply, it seems as though he would be willing to come back to General Hospital if presented with the opportunity.

Is it possible to resurrect Nathan or would it be too far fetched since GH viewers know he was killed on screen? Only time will tell how the writers would play out this scenario. In the mean time, there is hope Maxie will figure out what Peter is all about before she wastes any more of her love and time on that relationship.

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