General Hospital Spoilers: Neil Byrne Overdosed Though Showed No Signs Of Drug Use; What Killed Neil?

Well there you have it GH fans. We now have a mystery to solve. That was probably the fastest autopsy result turn around in history, even for a soap. But thankfully for the quick results, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) now knows that her love interest, Dr. Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan), died of an overdose.

An overdose? Really? General Hospital spoilers have never even touched on Neil using drugs. Did he hide it well or did someone poison Neil?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest Neil was poised, or allergic to something in which caused his untimely death. General Hospital rumors claim the foot cream Alexis used on Neil could very will be the catalyst which carried the poisonous substance, and soaked through his bloodstream. Alexis has already made it clear to Dr. Finn (Michael Easton), that she takes Neil’s death in her own bed very personally.

Alexis, the PCPD and doctors over at GH will now have to work tirelessly to find the true cause behind Dr. Byrne’s passing.