General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Accused of Helping Cassanda Escape, Jason Reacts

Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) pulled quite the stunt in her successful attempt to break out of jail, knocking out a guard in the process. The guard isn’t the only one who will suffer from Cassandra’s actions.

This week, General Hospital spoilers tell the trying reveal of Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), stuck in Pentonville. It’s one thing after another as GH spoilers reveal Sam will be accused of helping Cassandra escape. According to General Hospital spoilers, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will react to this news and he and Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) will clash over Sam’s (non) involvement in this situation.

Will Sam and Jason be able to prove Sam’s innocence? As if they didn’t have enough false accusations under Sam’s rep, now this? But why would anyone believe Sam would help Cassandra? Jason needs to take action, even if it means stepping over Jordan’s authority. What will Jason do to help save Sam?