General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Explains Everything To Spinelli, Peter Is Running Out Of Time, Anna And Finn Suffer

General Hospital spoilers previously confirmed the return of Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to Port Charles from his current home of Portland Oregon. Although Spinelli has been back for a few weeks now, he and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) are just starting to get into the heat of their mission. Sam needs her friend and tech genius Spinelli to help take down Peter. Sam is desperate to expose Peter August (Wes Ramsey) for the crimes he has committed. Not only because the truth needs to come to light but also because it’s very personal for Sam. Peter is the reason Sam paid for Shiloh’s murder although he is the one who was behind the shooting. Sam’s husband and Spinelli’s best friend, Jason Morgan, (Steve Burton) is also working on taking down Peter. He turned to Peter’s supposed Mother, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) for help but Jason is having a difficult time convincing Anna to do what is right because she is hesitant to throw her son under the bus.

General Hosptital spoilers reveal that despite all the obstacles, and how sneaky Peter is with covering his tracks, Peter is still running out of time. It won’t be long before Peter is exposed for all of the crimes he has committed, and all the lies and deceptions he has told to the people he claims to love. It’s well known that once Damian Spinelli gets involved, it will be sooner rather than later that he gets to the bottom of what is going on, and the person under his radar will be out in the open.

Sam will explain everything to Spinelli, giving him enough information to go off of in order to nail Peter. Meanwhile, Anna is getting scolded by Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) for leaving his daughter, Violet, alone with Peter, knowing full well what Peter is capable of. Finn and Anna are in a tough place right now and General Hospital rumors focus on their relationship and what direction it’s going.

Jason, Sam, and Spinelli can’t depend on Anna to do her part in taking down Peter at this time, therefore they have taken it upon themselves to expose him. Will Anna come to her senses and realize what she needs to do? Finn is already upset with Ana for the way she is handling the situation, and leaving his daughter with this creepy criminal may just be the last straw for Finn and Anna. Will these two be able to survive these external factors when it comes to their relationship?

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