General Hospital Spoilers: Sam’s Parole, Over Crowded Pentonville: Will Jason and Sam Reunite For Christmas?

Will Sam be released before Christmas?

Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has been wrongfully imprisoned for what seems to be an eternity. Sam is desperate to get back to her husband Jason (Steve Burton) and their family. Jason isn’t sitting back, waiting patiently for Sam’s release. He is taking action and he will not rest until Sam is home where she belongs.

Earlier this week, General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is very suspicious of Peter August (Wes Ramsey) now that she overheard his phone conversation stating all his prayers have been answered. Jason went to Anna last week for help regarding Peter and at that time, Anna was reluctant to see Peter for what Jason has told her about him. Now, she knows.

It seems as though one way or another Sam will most likely be home for Christmas. If Anna and Jason prove Peter is ultimately the reason Sam is in jail, or whether things go Sam’s way at the parole hearing, or if she gets released simply for over crowding in the jail.

GH fans are rallying behind Sam, anxiously waiting for her to be reunited with her family Will Sam and Jason experience a Christmas miracle?

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