General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny and Carly’s Relationship On The Rocks

Sonny and Carly Corinthos are basically the King and Queen of Daytime TV. Maurice Benard and Laura Wright have been a dynamic duo for years, creating one of Daytime’s most iconic TV Super Couples. Sonny and Carly have become a household term over the years as these two are on screen 5 days a week, all year long.

Sonny and Carly have been through it all. They have had the best of times and have lived through the darkest of times together. At this point it would seem nothing could ever tear these two apart. They have been each other’s Number 1 for years and have a bond like no other in Daytime TV.

General Hospital spoilers hint towards turmoil for this couple. GH comings and goings report the return of actor Max Gail who plays Sonny’s father, Mike Corbin. Previous General Hospital spoilers reveal Stella’s update on Mike, and it wasn’t good. She is trying to prepare Sonny for the worst because his father’s health is declining rapidly. The word out there is that Sonny will hide the seriousness of his dad’s health from Carly. Carly starts to grow suspicious that her husband is hiding something. Other issues arise for these two as rumors circulate that Carly and Sonny will begin t o have problems due to trust issues on both sides.

Can these two soul mates work through what they are about to head into? As a strong couple and family, The Corinthos Super Couple definitely has a fighting chance.

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