General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Marries Esme To Fight Nikolas For Custody Of Ace

Spencer marries Esme to keep Ace from Nikolas
Spencer marries Esme to keep Ace from Nikolas

It’s one thing to step up for your little sibling in a situation such as Spencer’s, but when do things go too far? Obviously, not all family members have the same rights when it comes to taking care of the little ones in our lives. Surely older siblings have some rights too, but at the end of the day the child’s parents trump the rights of the siblings.

When does the love and support cross the line into drastic and extreme measures? According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Spencer helps demonstrate the answer to that question.

Recently, talk about Nikolas Cassadine’s return has increased. While many GH fans believe that Ava’s Austin dilemma spells Nikolas all over it, others believe that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) killed Austin. Additionally, GH rumors point toward Nikolas as Ava’s mystery buyer for Wyndemere. That said, we can only assume that Nik makes his way back to Port Charles sooner rather than later.

Shocking new GH spoilers tease that Nicholas returns to reclaim Windermere and fight Esme for Ace. But dear old big brother won’t let his father win. Instead, he does whatever it takes to ensure that Nikolas’s rights as Ace’s father are denied. So, when push comes to shove, GH rumors claims that Spencer marries Esme to keep Ace from Nikolas.