General Hospital Spoilers: Spinelli Helps Sam and Jason, Peter Is Exposed, Maxie Runs To Spinelli

General Hospital news reports Bradford Anderson is making his way back Prospect Studios to reprise his role as the tech genius, Damian Spinelli. Spinelli is set to return to Port Charles to help his friends Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) in their time of need. Spinelli has stayed true to his friendship with Jason and Sam Morgan even after he and Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson) moved to Portland for Ellie’s career. He makes time to come visit Port Charles and is always willing to help get his friends out of sticky situations. Most recently, Spinelli was helping get Sam’s charges dropped by proving the tape in which incriminated Sam was indeed tampered. However the Feds overrode the investigation and Spinelli’s work was disregarded.

Jason has already turned to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) for help as he is trying to expose Peter August (Wes Ramsey) which would completely exonerate Sam as she has been falsely accused of multiple crimes all because of Peter. Anna knows she needs to do the right thing as she has discussed this with her fiance, Finn (Michael Easton). Finn is trying to convince Anna to do what needs to be done even though it’s difficult since Peter is her son. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that with Spinelli’s help, he, Jason and Sam will be able to prove Peter is behind these crimes and deception, ultimately exposing him for the fraud he is.

The exposure of Peter’s lies will leave Maxie (Kirsten Storms) heartbroken, betrayed, and in need of familiar friends to support her in her time of need. General Hospital spoilers tease this would be the right time for Maxie and Spinelli to get close again. The two have a long history of romance, friendship, and family.They also share a daughter, Georgie (Lily Fischer). Maxie will not take what she learns about Peter lightly and loses all trust and faith and their relationship causing a permanent breakup. Since Spinelli is back in town, GH rumors have been circulating making claims that Ellie is not happy about Spinelli picking up and leaving town as he has been every few months. Ellie could be feeling neglected and that Spinelli’s friends back home are more important than the life they have built in Portland.

Lately Maxie’s character hasn’t been acting like herself. It’s like she has lost her spunk and is in need of some type of revival. Spinelli brought out the spark in Maxie and Maxie complimented his personality well.

Are you ready for a Spixie reunion? GH fans are hopeful that Maxie, Spinelli, and Georgie can finally be a family.

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