General Hospital Spoilers: Who Does Brando Work For?

Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) cousin Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) came to Port Charles claiming to simply want to visit family, see how Mike (Max Gail) is doing and so on. She gave Sonny a sob story about how she misses her late son, Brando (Johnny Wactor). All the while, General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that Gladys has ulterior motives. She is currently taking money from Sonny in an agreement that she pretends to be Dev Cerci’s (Ashton Arbab) Grandmother while he stays with the Corinthos family.

In recent General Hospital spoilers, it has been revealed that Brando, Gladys Corbin’s son, is actually alive and showed up in the middle of the shoot out. Brando is the gunman who saved Carly from the shots fired but things may not be what they seem. Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) may already be onto Brando, after she asked him if he is working for Sonny or the enemy. He saved Carly (Laura Wright) no doubt, but he could have only done that to try and play Sonny and make them think he is on their side.

Brando could definitely be working for the enemy, especially since we were led to believe he was dead, but there is possibly a bigger picture. General Hospital spoilers indicate he could actually be one of the good guys. It’s quite possible Brando had to fake his death in order to stay incognito, while working on taking down Sonny’s enemies from the inside.

New General Hospital rumors claim Brando and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) may know one another beyond being relatives. GH rumors that Brando could also work for the WSB, and has ties with Dante from there.

It remains to be seen which side Brando is on, but as the mob story unfolds, it’ll become very clear where he stands.

Will Brando stand with Sonny and the Corinthos clan or is he someone they need to fear?

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