General Hospital Spoilers: Will The Real Sam Morgan Please Stand Up?

Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco) or now even better known as Sam Morgan, has always been a force and a fighter. Lately, General Hospital fans have come to a grand general opinion that this character has been written out of character for a while now. General Hospital and Kelly Monaco (Sam) fans have been wondering there the real Sam Morgan has gone. The fighter, the smart and excited adventure seeker. Sam has gotten lost in the shuffle of Port Charles drama because the character has been written in a whiny, needy, way, losing spark, strength, and independence, that was once Sam Morgan. It takes a tough cookie to be married to a mob enforcer for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Sam has gone through a lot, not only worrying about her man, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), but herself as well. Sam has been directly involved in mob violence due to her man’s line of work- and still she stays.
General Hospital spoilers reveal a little bit of the old Sam. Although some see Sam’s reaction to the breakup with Jason as immature, or not thinking of her family, it remains the fact that when it comes to the thought of losing Jason, Sam will always behave like Sam. Nothing is more important to her in the moment than being with her true love. It’s true she isn’t seeing clearly when it comes to the long run, and even her kids. But Sam is the type of woman who survives off of love. When she doesn’t have the one she loves, all other life tasks seem impossible to take on.
Sam wouldn’t be Sam if she didn’t show an immense emotional reaction when it comes to losing Jason.
General Hospital news and spoilers reveal this will be a long haul for Sam and Jason, as they try to prove Peter’s guilt while Sam tries to push on forward in life without Jason.

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