General Hospital New Time Slot

Well the rumors did come true, General Hospital will be going from 3PM Eastern/Standard time to 2PM Eastern Standard time. After almost 50 years of airing on ABC at 3PM, because of Katie Couric’s new show, that will change September 10th, 2012. I use this blog to talk about GH, give information, share opinions, and gush about favorite couples and characters. I don’t like negativity because I LOVE THIS SHOW. This time however, I can’t help but post in a negative way. It’s not about the character, actors, or the show. It’s about the situation. I do not understand why Katie Couric can’t go on at 2PM. Why make a change to something that has been the same for so many years, especially while it’s doing so well? My fear is that TPTB will use the new time slot as an excuse to get rid of GH. Using excuses like, “The 2PM slot just wasn’t working. There wasn’t enough audience.” I myself will watch at 2PM because this is my favorite show and I will always support it. But there are many people out there that may not for various reasons. I really hope I am completely wrong, and GH will stay strong at it’s new time. But all in all, I am and never will I be a Katie Couric fan. There is no need for this change and if GH tanks it is her fault.

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