More Changes Ahead for GH? Will GH Be Taking Summers Off?

There have been many changes surrounding the soap world,  and just when we think the tides have calmed a bit, we get wind of another possible change. GH is now the main for ABC soap fans and every little detail matters. Today on Twitter @TVSource (TVSourceMagazine.com) asked GH fans if they would support General Hospital airing September through June and taking Summers off. Is this a trick question?! There is really no way around this. No, I would not support losing my favorite show all Summer long, but I also would take anything I could get. So if we all  say, YES, and support GH taking Summers off, then that’s most likely what will happen. If we all are against it, GH may be gone for good. I am not looking forward to all these changes and ways to make General Hospital less of a TV priority. I hope the fans can show enough support to keep General Hospital on all year long.

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