Jimmy Deshler (Rafe Kovich) “I guess it was a surprise to all of us.”

Nobody saw it coming. The quiet, sweet kid with the sociopathic father, and a vampire loving mother. His Father is gone, he watched his mother get murdered before his eyes. Sam Morgan adopted Rafe and made him part of her family. He fell in love with her sister, Molly, but her feelings were not reciprocated. His uncle Silas fought Sam for custody, only to give in and realize Rafe was better off with Sam. Silas and Sam then fell in love. Rafe had a tough life and he eventually turned to drugs. Still, nobody saw it coming. The writers had Rafe be responsible (physically) for running Patrick and Sabrina of the road, which ultimately killed their son. It came as a shock to us all when Molly and Rafe were involved in a high speed police chase, crashed, and Rafe ended up brain dead. They even teased us a little more when Nina was hallucinating that Rafe was awake and speaking to her.

It looks as though the fans were not the only one shocked by Jimmy Deshler’s exit from General Hospital and the death of his character Rafe. In a recent Soaps in Depth interview, Deshler explains that his character’s demise was shocking news to him as well. He learned that Rafe would pass away only days before having to tape the episode. “I guess it was just confidential and they didn’t want any of the story getting out, so I found out the Monday of the week it was happening. I guess it was a surprise to all of us,” he tells Soaps in Depth.

Deshler has been a part of the GH family since January of 2013. Although it is sad to see him go, there is no doubt Deshler will succeed in any project he pursues next. He disclosed to SID that there is a possibility he will be attending college, and focusing on someday being a part of the big screen. “I have kid of set it as my goal to get a feature film and have that be my next project I work on.”

We already miss that sweet face!

As much as we hope Victor Cassadine has him frozen in a cryogenic chamber with Jason Morgan, it looks as the Rafe will not be returning from the dead for the foreseeable future.