Jordan Figures Out Fake Luke’s Identity!

You are not going to want to miss a second of this week’s General Hospital. According to some news circulating among the General Hospital media, Jordan is on the case and is about to figure out the identity of Fluke. Port Charles residents and GH fans alike may get the answer to what we have been asking for a while now… Who is pretending to be Luke Spencer?!

With faking Ric Lansing’s death in order to protect him and his family, Anna is eager to wrap up this case by gathering as much evidence on Julian Jerome as possible. In turn, she is expecting to figure out who Julian’s boss really is. She is putting the pressure on Jordan to get the job done. In the mean time, Anna goes to Alexis to try and warn her about Julian and attempts to do so without leading on that Ric is actually alive.

Don’t miss GH to finally figure out this long awaiting revelation!