Laura Learns the Truth About Jason, There’s a Heated Battle Between Laura and Liz

ghblog1It happened. The thing that almost always happens in the soap world when there is a big juicy secret. Laura overheard some information what was never meant for her ears. Although Laura feels it’s not her place to out Nik and Liz’s secret, she definitely gives Liz a piece of her mind. In regard to Liz keeping Jake Doe’s true identity from him and his family, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura really lets Elizabeth have it.

Genie Francis and Rebecca Herbst share some intense scenes before Summer’s end. Genie is done taping GH scenes for the Summer, but was able to tie up some loose ends with the Jason Morgan story involving her sons, Lucky and Nikolas, and Elizabeth.

Will Laura push Elizabeth into doing what’s right? Sooner than later, Jake Doe will find out he is really Jason Morgan…