Luke Spencer’s Deep Dark Secret Revealed

It’s been a long time coming and fans can’t seem to wait another moment to find out what the big Spencer Family secret is that could have caused Luke to repress such terrible memories, causing his DID.

Something is haunting Luke from his past, and the newest member of the Spencer family may be the key to tying it all together. GH has cast Dee Wallace to play Luke and Bobbie’s other sister, Pat Spencer.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that around GH’s 52nd anniversary episode, the Spencer family secret will come out. GH rumors have been focusing on one angle in particular. Many seem to think that Luke Spencer is responsible for killing his own mother, and the only one who knows about it is his sister, Pat.

Currently, Fluke has tracked down his niece Valerie, the daughter of his long lost, thought to be dead, sister, Pat. He wants to know where she is. Does Luke want answers from dear old sis, or does he want to kill her? If the GH rumors are true, and Pat is the only one who holds the key to Luke’s past, perhaps he will need to shut her up, permanently.

We want to know what you think about this story. Do you think that Luke will be responsible for his mother’s death? Is this the direction in which you would like to see this character head into?

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