Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) May Be Making His Way Back To Port Charles, Here’s Why!

The name Marcus Taggert takes fans back to the mid 90s when Real Andrews originated the role of Detective Marcus Taggert. Andrews played Taggert from 1996-1997, and then again from 1998-2003.

General Hospital spoilers floating around General Hospital discussion groups, trying to figure out where GH newbie, Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) fits in in regard to any connections/family in Port Charles. For a while, General Hospital rumors hinted that Trina may be a Cassadine. Nikolas Cassadine was in a relationship with Marcus Taggert’s sister, Gia Campbell (Marisa Ramirez). Fans then started throwing around the idea that Trina could be the daughter of Nikolas and Gia. Soon things shifted and the new GH rumor floating around involving the returnd of Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) to Port Charles in connection with Trina.

General Hospital spoilers suggest there is a strong possibility Taggert is on his way back to Port Charles. If the one rumor is true, that Trina is Gia and Nik’s daughter, Taggert would be her Uncle. However some fans want to believe that Taggert is actually Trina’s Father, Mother unknown.

It remains to be seen if any of these GH fandom theories will reign true, or if they’ll fizzle out. What we do know is that Trina right now doesn’t really have a connection to the residents of Port Charles and sooner or later the writers will need to tie her to someone/family.

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