Maura West (Ava) Has NOT Confirmed Rumors of Leaving GH

This topic has been spreading around social media like wildfire. When an actor leaves the show, it always causes a huge stir. Whether or not they were let go or it was of their own free will, the announcement of a GH departure is never taken lightly. Despite the multiple articles from many online “sources” the confirmation of West leaving General Hospital has NOT actually happened. Apparently, someone decided to take a Tweet that Maura West wrote back in early March, and turn that into a so-called confirmation to the rumors that she was leaving General Hospital.

We are aware of the fact that Maura West is still under contract with General Hospital, living the mob life as Ava Jerome. GH Blog will keep fans posted with updates on the end of her contract, and the decision she and the show make regarding her status with GH, As for now, sit back and relax, because those so-called “confirmation” claims are just blowing smoke. Take a look at Maura’s tweet from March 3rd. It looks more like she was thanking fans for the live tweet session and calling it a day. It is a far stretch to consider that a confirmation she is leaving the show. Decide for yourself.