More Changes Ahead for GH? Will GH Be Taking Summers Off?

There have been many changes surrounding the soap world,  and just when we think the tides have calmed a bit, we get wind of another possible change. GH is now the main for ABC soap fans and every little detail matters. Today on Twitter @TVSource (TVSourceMagazine.com) asked GH fans if they would support General Hospital airing September through June and taking Summers off. Is this a trick question?! There is really no way around this. No, I would not support losing my favorite show all Summer long, but I also would take anything I could get. So if we all  say, YES, and support GH taking Summers off, then that’s most likely what will happen. If we all are against it, GH may be gone for good. I am not looking forward to all these changes and ways to make General Hospital less of a TV priority. I hope the fans can show enough support to keep General Hospital on all year long.

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Is Dr. Steven Webber (Scott Reeves) Leaving GH?

There has been a rumor that Scott Reeves who plays Dr. Steven Webber, aka Steven Lars, is leaving GH. Maybe all the hype is due to the rumor or Steve and Olivia’s split. Anyways, today on Twitter a fan tweeted to @Reevesforreal and asked about the rumor and if she could have a hint. Scott Reeves did not reply but he retweeted the fans tweet. Could this be the hint? Getting the word out on Twitter that he is leaving? What do you think? We fans sure hope this rumor does not come true!

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GH Sizzles as McBam Kiss and a Liason Kiss!!! GH Promo!

Wow! This Summer is really sizzling on General Hospital! JaSam kissing other people? This makes me uneasy! I am glad Sam confesses right away, and to be honest, I don’t even blame her. Jason has been a jerk throughout this whole thing. So hopefully they will both realize nobody is more important to one another.


General Hospital Blog Meets Scott Reeves! GH’s Dr. Steven Webber

General Hospital’s Dr. Steven Webber, or as Heather likes to call him, Steven Lars, played by Scott Reeves was at the Stars and Stripes Festival in Mt. Clemens Michigan for a meet and greet. I was lucky enough to scoot right out of work and head to the festival to meet him. It was a really fun experience, Scott was very nice to all his fans and was happy to be out meeting the people who support GH. We discussed the new time slot, fans, GH history, and Port Chuck. He said they really want Michigan to be part of future Port Chuck tours, and we threw around some possible venues in Detroit and Royal Oak for the show to be held. I hope Michigan gets to rock to some Port Chuck sooner than later! All in all it was great meeting Scott Reeves and I was happy to express my love for GH and my gratitude toward his hard work on the show. Thanks Scott!!!

General Hospital’s New Opening!

General Hospital has a new opening theme and it debuts tomorrow, June 29, 2012. Don’t forget to tune in and check it out!

When Will Sam Find Her Baby?

Since the moment the audience found out there was going to be a baby switch story, we have been wondering, “When will Sam find he baby?” As anxious fans, the rumors that claim she will find him at the end of Summer seems like eternity. Lately, all the rumors and speculations that are circulating claim everything is going to happen at the end of Summer, or Summer is used as the longest case scenario. It was said that John McBain would be gone until the end of Summer, but now, new news states that he and Sam will spend time together on the forth of July. I have also read that Liz and Jason get closer this Summer… Summer, Summer, Summer! This leads me to believe that the show is going to keep us on our toes for the next few months. Even though it seems like a long time, I think the JaSam baby story will be worth the wait.

Sam and McBain Kiss!

New rumors are circulating in the four way love dilemma of Sam, Jason, John, and Liz. The latest buzz floating around is that Sam and John share a kiss!!! If this is true, we can either scratch the sibling speculation or Ron has a pretty gross imagination! If John and Sam do kiss, then later find out they are related, that would be unsettling. Will Summer bring Liz and Jason closer together? These four have been toying with out emotions for months, and I hve a feeling it isn’t going to clear up for quite some time. We have to remember, that these are just rumors. We shall wait and see what happens this Summer!

General Hospital New Time Slot

Well the rumors did come true, General Hospital will be going from 3PM Eastern/Standard time to 2PM Eastern Standard time. After almost 50 years of airing on ABC at 3PM, because of Katie Couric’s new show, that will change September 10th, 2012. I use this blog to talk about GH, give information, share opinions, and gush about favorite couples and characters. I don’t like negativity because I LOVE THIS SHOW. This time however, I can’t help but post in a negative way. It’s not about the character, actors, or the show. It’s about the situation. I do not understand why Katie Couric can’t go on at 2PM. Why make a change to something that has been the same for so many years, especially while it’s doing so well? My fear is that TPTB will use the new time slot as an excuse to get rid of GH. Using excuses like, “The 2PM slot just wasn’t working. There wasn’t enough audience.” I myself will watch at 2PM because this is my favorite show and I will always support it. But there are many people out there that may not for various reasons. I really hope I am completely wrong, and GH will stay strong at it’s new time. But all in all, I am and never will I be a Katie Couric fan. There is no need for this change and if GH tanks it is her fault.

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