GH Nurse Sabrina Santiago

I don’t know about anyone else, but my favorite newcomer on General Hospital is Sabrina played by the gorgeous Teresa Castillo. I fell in love with this character the same as I did when Spinelli first came to Port Charles. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the two are alike or meant to be, but for me personally, they made an impression in the same way. Young, fresh faces, with new ideas and perspectives. Sabrina is not your typical woman on GH. She has a heart, an innocence, and an overall presence about her that makes you want to see her go far. Tying her to some roots in Port Charles was a good idea. She mentioned to Elizabeth that she is Juan’s cousin and her last name is Santiago. I am really looking forward to seeing what they will do with this character and hope to see her flourish whether it’s in her career at GH, a relationship, or special projects (like The Nurses Ball). I have not seen Teresa Castillo before in any of her previous acting jobs, but I have to say that I think she is a fantastic actress and fits right in with the GH cast.

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