Is Dr. Ewen Keenan Really Jerry Jacks?

Rumor mills are buzzing and the there’s one that could cause quite a stir in Port Charles if i became true. Is Dr. Ewen Keenan really Jerry Jacks? Some say they are one in the same and Jerry had yet another plastic surgery to look different. Anything can happen is soaps as we all know, but I for one do not think this is true. Either 1) Jerry went to college to become a Doctir of psychology, or 2) He is posing as one and pulling off one hell of a job. Think back to Cassandra and the Cassadines. If he were Jerry, I don’t think he would have fallen into Helena’s trap, unless of course he was part of Helena’s plans. It just didn’t seem that way to me. Now Kate, he is legitimately trying to help her and I don’t’ think Jerry would do that. Dr. Keenan has had no contact with his old flame Alexis Davis. If he were really Jerry, I think he would make it a point to run into her. Those two had a thing, and he had a strong attraction to her. I doubt he would just let that go. So the rumor of Dr. Keenan and Jerry Jacks being one in the same is definitely circulating twitter and other sources, but nothing has been leaked or confirmed, and in my own personal opinion, I don’t think it’s true. We’ll see… 🙂

Forbes Magazine on ‘Francophrenia’ (Or, Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is.)

I came across another article about James Franco, his involvement with General Hospital, his experience on the soap opera, and the film premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, he created about it called ‘Francophrenia’ (Or, Don’t Kill Me, I know Where the Baby Is). Unfortunately, this article was not like others I have read in the past. As a fan of both General Hospital and James Franco, this article offended me. It’s almost as if it hurt my feelings, or that I felt hurt and betrayed for GH as a whole. The article goes about how James Franco wanted to bring the absurdity of soap operas to light. In my opinion, they are basically saying Franco only experimented with General Hospital to poke fun at the genre. My take on James Franco and his experience on GH was always the exact opposite, and frankly, to read this Forbes article, I was quite disappointed and let down. However, I have read so many other pieces of information that state Franco was happy to be part of GH and it was a learning experience for him. I have also learned that he credits those who work on soaps for their dedication, hard work, and memorization skills. Click here to read the Forbes article, “James Franco Tells His Side of the ‘General Hospital’ Story.” Feel free to leave a comment on the post and let me know what you think!

Scott Sickles’ GH debut!

Today is the day ex-OLTL script writer Scott Sickles debuts his General Hospital episode. He wrote for OLTL from 2009-2012, and since the cancellation of OLTL, he will now debut his first script for GH today. Congratulations to Sickles and to General Hospital! We look forward to seeing all the excitement and drama Port Charles and it’s residents have to offer!

Ron Carlivati on Jason and Sam (JaSam)

From an ABC.com Q & A with head GH writer Ron Carlivati, I feel there may be hope for Jason and Sam and JaSam fans yet. Here is a quote on Jason and Sam and what his plans are for this couple. “We have this great couple who are very strong and very solid in a lot of ways, who recently got married and are about to have a baby, but my intention is to shake that up a little and test their love – which I think will be exciting and interesting for the audience, to watch them try to weather those storms.” My take on this is that, no, they are not going to be blissfully happy (which we have already seen) as Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Morgan, but it doesn’t mean they are over. I have faith that it is just what Ron Carlivati says it is. Jason and Sam’s relationship will be tested and we will have to watch them weather the storm. I do believe the outcome will be positive for Jason and Sam and for the fans. These two have been through it all together and have made it out alive. Let’s not forget that Jason fell in love with Sam when she was carrying Sonny’s baby. Although I would LOVE for the DNA results to have been tampered with, and for this baby to be Jason’s, but if it isn’t, I know they can still get through this and Jason can still love Sam and the baby. They are stronger than this, stronger than Franco, or anything else that could come their way. Though they are having difficult times, I do see this daytime super couple going strong for years to come. JaSam fans have something to hold onto here. Keep the faith JaSammers!

Kristen Alderson: Starr Goes from OLTL to GH

First I have to start off by stating that I am still saddened by the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. Just as GH, I grew up watching AMC and OLTL with my Mother. That being said, I for one was really excited to hear that some of the OLTL actors would be crossing over and taking up residence in Port Charles. Some viewers have been having mixed emotions on the news of One Life to Love characters coming over to General Hospital. For me, it is definitely a plus. I don’t understand what would possibly be bad about these interjections. I mean, Port Charles gets new residents all the time anyways, so why not have some be familiar faces from other fictional towns? I watched Starr Manning grow up on OLTL and am happy to see her make such a splash on General Hospital. She is doing a fantastic job. Her first few days in PC were very emotional and Kristen Alderson brought it! I felt her pain almost as if it were real.  And I say “almost” because let’s be honest, no TV show can compare to the very human, very real feeling of personal loss. But she definitely got us as close as it can get. Every Mother’s worst nightmare was played out in those scenes and Kristen really knew how to bring it home. As the weeks have been going on Starr is mingling her way through the people of PC and establishing some important personal as well as business relationships. I can’t wait to see where they will take this character in the near and distant future. I am liking her with Michael right now, but I am also open to other options. Matt maybe? Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think! Congrats Ms. Alderson, and welcome to GH. You are doing a stellar job!

Kristina Wagner Returns to GH as Felicia Jones

You’ve heard that Felicia Jones is coming back to Port Charles, and that the one and only Kristina Wagner, who originated the role in 1984, will be taking it on once again. I am excited to see this vet brought back to PC and for her to reunite with all of her long lost family and friends. What does this mean for everyone she left behind? Especially her daughter, Maxie. Should Maxie  forgive her Mother for abandoning her when she needed her the most? Maybe Felicia will be the only one who will be able to get through to Maxie when it comes to he bogus murder confessions. I am interested to see how Mac, Luke, and Anna react to her return. You will first see Kristina Wagner aired on GH as Felicia Jones on April 27th, 2012.

What will Jason and Sam Do Next?

JaSam fans have been through the ringer these last few months and today’s episode of GH wasn’t any lighter. The emotion in all of the JaSam scenes have been heartbreaking for the audience especially for true JaSam fans. DNA results state that Franco is the Father of Sam’s baby. Call it denial, or call it wishful thinking, but I don’t think the baby is really Franco’s. I am not sure what happened, there is always the possibility of Heather tampering with the results, but it seems like she hadn’t been around long enough to get her hands on information like that. I don’t know which way they will spin this. If the baby really isn’t Jason’s, will poor Jason once again raise his brother’s child just as he raised AJ’s biological son Michael? I feel like the character of Jason Morgan deserves more than that. He needs a family of his own. He is always taking care of other people. Even when he fell in love with Sam, he was taking care of her while she was carrying SONNY’S child. I really wish I could see one couple on GH become a family and JaSam would have been the perfect couple to do this with. They have such a huge fann base and all the fans have wanted for years has been for them to be married and have a baby. I am still holding out hope for this baby to be Jason’s even with the most recent DNA results claiming otherwise. So what will JaSam do next?

General Hospital Saved. Are You a Fan or Foe?

Last week we were informed that ABC would be renewing the 49 year old soap opera General Hospital and would cancel the OLTL replacement show, The Revolution. As a soap fan I want to say that I am extremely grateful, excited, and optimistic. However, there are many people that claim to be General Hospital fans, and join Facebook pages and other ‘Save Our Soap’ type groups, yet they do nothing but complain about the show! Expressing their disgust on Twitter, Facebook, and other forums, these “fans” are hypocrites. What General Hospital needs right now is 100% loyalty and support from the FANS. REAL fans, not band wagon fans that only support the show when their favorite couple is together or when their favorite character has the lead. Of course there are things about the show that really get to me in a negative way. But I am wise enough to realize that I am not in control, and there is a much larger audience out there than myself. If I am not that interested in a story line, I focus on all the others that I do. If my favorite character isn’t front and center, I will wait it out until they are. The thing that would effect me the most would be my favorite couple getting the big ax. Right now things are looking gloomy for my favorite super couple JaSam (Jason Morgan and Sam McCall). Although they are being written in a way that is not to my preference, it doesn’t mean I am going to bash the show or quit watching. When it comes twists and turns and obstacles do I think enough is enough at times? Absolutely. I am at that point with JaSam. Jason should just be the Father, and Jason and Sam should be having this baby happily. (In my opinion of course). Throwing John McBain into the mix is fine with me. SO far I think Sam has not cheated on Jason as other fans are stating. She is simply confiding in someone when she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Does McBain’s interference get me irritated enough to give up on JaSam? Nope. Just like the other aspects of GH that I may not be the fondest of will not make me give up on GH. As a long time General Hospital fan, I am proud to be a REAL fan all the time. So please, if you want to ‘Save Our Soaps’ quit tweeting all the negativity and show your support like a true fan should.

Happy Birthday James Franco!

Happy Birthday to James Franco! Thank you for taking and interest and being a part of the legendary soap opera, General Hospital. It was a pleasuring seeing you on my screen. I thought Franco was intense, mysterious, and kept me coming back for more. Thanks again for your GH support! Happy Birthday!

Maurice Benard, GH’s Sonny Corinthos Talks About the Reality of Bipolar Disorder

In an ETonline.com video, Maurice Benard (49)talks about being diagnose with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 22. He explains that childhood, ego, and chemical imbalance play a role in the disorder.

Benard is participating in OC87- The Obsessive Compulsive Major Depression Bipolar Asperger’s movie, opening May 25th in NYC and June 8th in LA.

Click here to see the video.