Kelly Sullivan Rocks it as Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri

Monday’s episode was EXPLOSIVE! (Literally). Connie Falconeri blew up at Jason (Steve Burton) today. Kelly Sullivan is doing an amazing job playing these two parts. One minute she is Kate Howard, a sophisticated, professional, and poised woman, and the next she is acting erratically and out of control as Connie Falconeri. It must take a lot of hard work and concentration to pull off those two polar opposite personalities. Watching Kelly Sullivan pull this off has been pure entertainment and I can’t wait to see what’s next. She really knows how to bring it in every scene! Today’s scene with Jason was awesome. For the first time Kate heard the voice of Connie in her head and it was driving her absolutely insane. As Kate, she tried so hard to keep her composure then lost it and ended up screaming in front of Jason. Dr. Keenan better get through to Kate ASAP before she turns into Connie for good! Keep watching!

JaSam and Baby Morgan: Will Sam Tell Jason?

The DNA results are in and the last scene we caught a glimpse of was Sam holding the envelope by the docks. John McBain walks up and sees the results in Sam’s hands, then it ends. Of course! Will Sam open it? Will she toss it in the water because she wants to remember she and Jason being happy about the baby? I wonder if Sam will open the results with John there for moral support. If so, I don’t think Jason will appreciate that very much. All I know is, is that Sam better tell Jason the truth ASAP before Heather sticks her creepy nose into it. It’s always less painful when you hear something from the person directly. If Heather gets a hold of Jason before Sam gets a chance to explain things, this could get bad for JaSam. Let’s hope for the best!

Carly Jacks and Johnny Zacchara! Love it?

I am sure Carly and Johnny will be moving up the favorite couples lists! I am a huge fan of these two getting together. They are steaming up their scenes just by looking at each other. Laura Wright and Brandon Barash have great chemistry and have really been keeping this thing entertaining. I haven’t seen Johnny Z. like this in a long time, especially since he lost Claudia. He is actually sweet with Carly and acts like he truly cares for her. What will happen when Carly finds out about Johnny and Connie? Will that be the end of this new hot couple? Let’s hope not.

…I must say Johnny Zacchara/Brandon Barash looks damn good on a normal day, but this suit get up he has going on really looks HOT! Johnny Z. really cleans up nice. 🙂

Back From The Dead! Wish List.

Throughout the years some of our favorite (and most hated) characters have come and gone. This is a list of characters who we wish would come back from the dead! Anything is possible in the wonderful world of soaps. Who do you miss the most?


Not in any particular order:

Alan Quartermaine- HUGE disappointment seeing this vet character axed.

Jake Webber-  This was an unnecessary story line which only irritated the viewers. Luke’s involvement was completely tasteless.

Georgie Jones- One of the only “good girl” characters on a soap opera. Wholesome and sweet, honest, loving, brave and selfless. She should have stuck around.

Emily Quartermaine- Simply because they should never have wiped out almost the entire Q clan!

AJ Quartermaine- So much could have been done with this character.

Claudia Zacchara- That girl was so good at being bad.

FRANCO- Simply because he is Franco! Love, love LOVE this character and the actor!! Go James!!! I was fascinated with his performance on the show and interest in doing it.

If you can think of anymore, feel free to comment! Thanks.

Luke and Anna: More than Friends?

There is no doubt that these two light up the screen whenever they are together. They have a long history, have been through it all, and have remained friends throughout the years. They are connected in so many ways and their friendship runs true. But what if there is something more? A spark, a flame, an ignition that goes well beyond history and longevity. Would it last? Would it ruin their friendship if things didn’t pan out? Is it worth the risk? Don’t forget Laura, and Tracy, and of course there is Robert. Truth is, the idea of Luke and Anna becoming romantically involved is a nice idea on the surface. They are cute together, funny, care for and respect each other. However, I would feel really bad for Tracy. I realize she and Luke are not together and she is married to good ole Anthony Zacchara. But in her heart of hearts Tracy truly does love Luke. Those two are so fun together. They are funny which is an important element to be added to the drama of the PC canvas. Luke loves Tracy (Spanky Buns) too and right now he has been side tracked by her marriage to that crazy old man. Laura may never come back to Port Chuckles, but her memory still remains and Anna knows who she was to Luke and what she meant to him. Then there is Robert. Robert and Anna are also legendary. I am unsure if this sort of thing should be messed with. Some thing just shouldn’t be touched, even in soaps, but I am not 100% convinced this is one of them. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens and what the future holds for Luke and Anna. What do you think? Should Luke and Anna be the new GH “IT” couple?

GH Will Reach It’s 50th Birthday

We are so happy and proud that GH will be around to see it’s 50th birthday. This is such exciting news for everyone involved. The actors and crew have been doing such an amazing job working extremely hard to bring us this ongoing entertainment for so many years. I am thankful that ABC put some thought into this decision after what I feel was an abrupt and regrettable decision to shrink the soap genre by two iconic soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live. I have complete confidence that the cast and crew will be able to keep pulling off stellar work and the ABC network will keep GH on the air. I have faith in our show! Once again, congrats General Hospital! You deserve it!

ABC Renews General Hospital!!!!!!!

Breaking news!!!!!!!!!! ABC has confirmed that The Revolution will be canceled in July to make room for Katie Couric’s talk show and General Hospital will live on!!! VICTORY!!!!  This news brings happy tears to my eyes!!! Way to go GH!

Kirsten or Jen?

Wow this is a tough one! I am seriously torn. I LOVE Kirsten and miss seeing her face on my screen everyday. However, usually when one of my favorite characters gets recast, I loathe the newbie, but not this time. Jen Lilley is doing such an amazing job and fit right into the GH cast. I truly am torn. In a perfect world, Kirsten Storms would come back as Maxie, and Jen Lilley would remain on the show as another character. Sarah Brown came back on as Claudia Zacchara after playing Carly, so why would it be so strange if Jen came on as another character? I think they only way that would work is if there were some time in between her playing Maxie and coming on as someone knew. We’ll see what the future holds. I do miss Kirsten and wish her the best of luck.

The Davis Girls

I’m sure many of you love the Davis girls! I know I do. When they are all together on screen the dynamic is undeniable. Their interactions with one another and relationships seem so natural. However we are missing one key component. Kristina. I really miss not only the character but the actress as well. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lexi Ainsworth’s portrayal of Kristina Davis. She had many amazing scenes and made her character really come alive. What an outstanding young actress. I really do hope that if Kristina comes back to PC for Summer break, they will cast Ms. Ainsworth. She and Ethan could have been wonderful together!